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Last edited on: September 13, 2016.

On Sept. 12, On DVD Release reports that ‘Finding Dory continues as a top-selling DVD, even in pre-release, among family animated movies. Fortunately, this a good choice for families and for libraries. ‘Finding Dory celebrates traditional family and is a delightful movie for intergenerational families.

However, just because a movie is promoted as a family movie does not mean that it will not have inappropriate material (foul language, crude behavior, or innuendo…) and is the very best choice. Today there are more and more media, including “family movies and TV” that are normalizing alternative lifestyles that do not present the best role models. It is critical and best that children and youth see good role models of traditional families with a married father and mother. We now have anti-hero super-hero movies, animated R-rated movies, and other movies that may look appealing to children and families but are not appropriate.

One way to choose the best movie before seeing it is to study movies from good review sites. Another way is with a legal filtering system like Vid Angel, the market-leading entertainment provider which empowers users to filter language, nudity, violence, and other content from movies and TV shows. VidAngel has earned a #1 user rating. It is one of the fastest growing entertainment companies in the U.S.  To see how consumers can watch movies filtered to their discretion, see their brief YouTube video. To see what is at stake, see another powerful YouTube video that makes a strong visual case, ironically without words, about the growth and harmful assault on families from the first swear word in cinema in 1939 to our present day.

 It is challenging to find movies with good, traditional family role models without foul language, crude behavior, violence, or inappropriate innuendo. For example, “The Secret Lives of Pets” has animal potty humor. “Star Trek Beyond” has some alternative lifestyle allusions. “Nine Lives” uses our Lord’s name in vain and has bathroom humor. “Ice Age: Collision Course” has crude elements. “The BFG” has bathroom humor and creatures that may be scary for young children. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” has obscenities and New Age references.  “Ratchet and Clank” has a few coarse elements.  

A top family movie still in theaters that is also a top-selling, family DVD in pre-release is ‘Pete’s Dragon.’ This Disney live action movie has great heart, although it does not have quite the cinematographic impact of recent live action ‘Cinderella’ or ‘Jungle Book’.   Robert Redford, as woodcarver Mr. Meacham, brings warm, captivating acting to the movie. This fantasy, family movie with no foul elements has many redemptive themes: value of the traditional and extended family; angels in disguise (Elliot the dragon is Pete’s guardian angel); needing eyes to see wonders; need to protect the innocent; value of loyalty and more.  

In the biography category, ‘Greater‘, that is currently in limited release, is a top-selling DVD in pre-release. This is another inspirational underdog football story based on true events. In the sports category, ‘Woodlawn’ and ‘When the Games Stands Tall’ are now on DVD as top-sellers. In the African-American category, ‘War Room’, now available on DVD, continues as a top seller. “God’s Not Dead 2” available on DVD remains a top-seller in the drama category.

‘Ben-Hur’ is a top-selling DVD in pre-release in the history category. It is still in theaters. This movie is PG-13 due to the Roman brutality, but it is appropriate for teens through adults. This movie that takes place during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and the last days of Christ, is one of the best Christian movies in modern times.   

Thus, top picks family movies on DVDs for mid-Sept. are the following: ‘Woodlawn’, ‘God’s Not Dead 2’, ‘War Room’, and ‘When the Games Stands Tall’.

Top picks family movies in pre-release as DVDs for mid-Sept. are the following: ‘Ben-Hur’, ‘Greater’, ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Pete’s Dragon’.



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