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Last edited on: October 6, 2016.

Popular movies in theaters and on DVDs are often both entertaining and inspirational. There are many redemptive DVDs popular for inspiration and entertainment. On October 5, On DVD Release reports that ‘Greater’ is a top-selling DVD in pre-release. It is also a top-selling DVD in pre-release–in the sports category–along with ‘Queen of Katwe.’ ‘Hillsong – Let Hope Rise,’ is a top-selling DVD in pre-release in the documentary category.

‘Pete’s Dragon’ and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ are top-selling DVDs in pre-release in the family category. ‘Ben-Hur’ in pre-release is a top-selling DVD in the history category. The ‘Secret Lives of Pets’ and ‘Finding Dory’ that are still in theaters, remain top-selling DVDs, even in pre-release, in the animation category.

Popular movies now on DVD include ‘Zootopia’ in the animation category; ‘War Room’ in the African American category; and ‘Woodlawn,’ ‘When the Game Stands Tall,’ and ‘McFarland USA.’ Family movies like these have ongoing popularity and staying power.

In summary, top pick family movies on DVDs for the first week of October are ‘Woodlawn,’ ‘War Room,’ ‘Zootopia,’ ‘When the Game Stands Tall,’ and ‘McFarland USA.’ Top pick family movies in pre-release as DVDs for the first week of October are ‘Ben-Hur,’ ‘Greater,’ ‘Sully,’ ‘Hillsong – Let Hope Rise,’ ‘Queen of Katwe,’ ‘Pete’s Dragon,’ ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass,’ ‘Secret Life of Pets,’ and ‘Finding Dory.’

These are all worthwhile family movies for different ages and audiences. See more about these movies and other family films on Sonoma Christian Home.



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