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Last edited on: June 14, 2017.

Fathers Day is a special day to celebrate the dads in our lives. We set apart 24 hours to honor our fathers for the role they’ve had in our lives. The discipline they teach, the leadership they display, and the love they shower on us are all worthy of our respect and admiration. Our fathers aren’t perfect, but they give us a glimpse of our Heavenly Father. In the spirit of the holiday, Sonoma Christian Home put together a list of the 5 top movies for Father’s Day!


Police officers Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick, “War Room”), Nathan Hayes (Ken Bevel), and Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes, “Woodlawn”) are well-trained men, accustomed to dealing with the side of their town nobody wants to see. However, at home, their lives are anything but perfect. But when Adam’s daughter is lost in a tragic accident, he is forced to reevaluate his life. Together, Adam, Nathan, Shane, and a police rookie make a pact. They decide to be more than just “good enough” fathers, while at the same time combating the local gang leaders and drug dealers.

5 Fathers Day Movies

Alex Kendrick and Kevin Downes star in the bold film Courageous. Photo courtesy of Sherwood Pictures.

Courageous is a powerful film on fatherhood. It celebrates the role fathers have in their families and challenges them to be everything God designed them to be. It reminds dads to be the spiritual leaders in the families and to be involved in the lives of their children. It’s a heartwarming and inspiring film, full of action, drama, and humor!

Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride is a family film from 1991 and a remake of the 1950 original classic starring Spencer Tracy. In the updated version, Steve Martin (Roxanne, Saturday Night Live) and Diane Keaton (Something’s Gotta Give, Finding Dory) co-star as George and Nina Banks who are planning the wedding of their only daughter played by Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Already a nervous father, George is having difficulty coming to terms with his little girl becoming a married woman.

As the wedding plans become increasingly extravagant with the entrance of wedding planner, Franck (Martin Short), the story takes a comedic turn. This is a family-friendly film about a father who dearly loves his daughter, and wants to hold on a little longer. It’s a sweet movie for Father’s Day and portrays healthy relationships among family members with dashes of tear-jerker moments and lots of laughs. Father of the Bride is rated PG.

We Bought A Zoo

Another movie that would be great for the whole family is We Bought a Zoo.  Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity) plays a young father of two who is suddenly widowed. Trying to make sense of their life without their wife and mother, Benjamin (Damon) searches for new meaning and a new beginning. Benjamin moves with his children, Rosie and Dylan, into a new home – that is also a zoo. With the help of the head zookeeper (Scarlett Johansson), the family must adjust to their new home and get this zoo ready for the grand reopening. We Bought a Zoo is rated PG and is based on a true story.

We Bought a Zoo is equally sentimental and whimsical, and a nice family film for Father’s Day.


Finding Nemo

The clownfish Marlin (Albert Brooks, “The Secret Life of Pets”) is overly protective of his son Nemo. When Nemo is suddenly captured by humans while trying to prove himself, Marlin begins his quest to rescue his only son. Nemo gets help from his new friends while his dad overcomes adversity to find him.

5 Movies for Fathers Day

Finding Nemo is a precious film about a father’s love for his son. Photo courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures

Finding Nemo is a family classic. It’s a story of a father’s love for his son and can be compared to Christ’s love for us. Jesus left His home in heaven, giving up everything in order to save us and make us His own. He did it out of love. Finding Nemo is a fun, clean family movie with a heart.


Sean Weathers (Andrew Cheney, “Beyond the Mask”) is one of the best in dirt track racing, with enthusiastic fans and an adoring daughter. However, when a new racer starts to challenge his success, his own pride leads him to destruction. A fatal car crash leaves Sean broken and confused, marking an end to his racing career.

Andrew Cheney

Andrew Cheney stars a dirt track racer in the inspirational film Champion. Photo courtesy of Brannon Pictures.

With nowhere else to turn to, Sean accepts a job renovating the house of a businessman.There, he learns the power of forgiveness – and the importance of fatherhood. Champion is a great film. It’s an inspiring movie, full of surprises and features solid performances from Andrew Cheney and Robert Amaya (“Courageous”, “Mom’s Night Out”).


There are many ways we can honor our dads, but the best way to show them our love and appreciation is to spend time with them. Even if your dad is no longer alive, or perhaps has never been a part of your life, we encourage you to honor those in your life who have stepped in or stepped up to be “like a dad” in your life.

Make a point to spend time with the ones who have invested so much in your future. Especially those who have been a “father in the faith.” Often just giving our time is the best gift of all.


Drop us a note and tell us what is your favorite Father’s Day movie?





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