Interview: ‘War Room’ Star T.C. Stallings on Faith & Purpose

As a gifted man of God, T.C. Stallings is using his many talents to give glory to Jesus, spreading his name far & wide! The 'War Room' star is standing for faith on the big screen. SCH Contributor Dawn Gregg chats with this actor and speaker about his own powerful testimony & passions.

‘Where Hope Grows’ Interview: Stars Kristoffer Polaha & David DeSanctis

With a friendship put to the test by tragedy, 'Where Hope Grows' is about finding redemption through faith & love. Starring leads Kristoffer Polaha & David DeSanctis give incredible boundary-breaking performances you won't want to miss! SCH Editor at Large Dawn Gregg chats with the men about their experience.

Writer/Director Chris Dowling Shares Passion in ‘Where Hope Grows’

Groundbreaking Director, Writer, Actor, and Producer Chris Dowling is bringing something beautifully new to the faith film scene with award-winning 'Where Hope Grows'! SCH Editor at Large Dawn Gregg chats with the visionary Director about his inspiration and passion for revolutionary filmmaking.