woman running on summer path in nature - following in god's direction

Following in God’s Direction

Following in God's direction isn't always easy, and sometimes doesn't even fully make sense to us. SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley, teaches us why following the Father is an important part of growing our faith and learning to trust in Him.
man overlooking big river on cliff surrounded by beautiful and majestic mountains - learn to receive god's grace

Learn to Receive God’s Grace

One of the most important spiritual steps as a Christian is to learn to receive God's grace, realizing how much God loves you and how much Jesus has done for you. Inspiration from SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley.
A group of young women bow their head and pray with bibles. - learning to pray

Learning to Pray

Do you get caught up in your wording or performance when you pray? SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley uses Psalm 62 to radiate the loveliness of pouring out our hearts to God in authentic prayer.
Alone woman in dress looking away in field of yellow flowers - When god doesn't answer

When God Doesn’t Answer

The tragedies happening around us everyday can cause us to question God's purposes. SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley provides poignant answers to some very difficult and puzzling questions about God, why He allows events like these to unfold, and what to do when God doesn't answer.
Striped lighthouse around water surrounded by shrubs and bushes in the fog - Finding refuge in God

Finding a Refuge in God | Psalm 11

SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley encourages us through the teachings of Psalm 11 to use God as a refuge instead of running away in times of fear or pain. Trust in Him. God is not burdened when we turn to Him in our pain.
Beautiful wide river at sunset with pink skies and green trees - choosing your friends wisely

Choosing Your Friends Wisely

The Bible warns that bad company corrupts good character. On the other hand, if you walk with the wise, you will gain wisdom. The Holy Spirit in you can empower you to break free from outside pressures that undermine your faith!