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God’s Grace and Voice

Accessing God's grace and voice means slowing down and giving Him our full attention without distractions. Sometimes God's grace includes protecting us from ourselves.

How Hope Can Overcome Challenges

Do you ever get overwhelmed by challenges that feel too big to overcome ? Pastor Jesse Bradley explains how hope can overcome challenges when we surrender all to God.

Ten Powerful Prayers

Do you often feel the desire to pray but lose your focus? Pastor Jesse Bradley provides ten powerful prayers which will help you communicate with God.
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Unrivaled Faith: Follow Jesus

Will you decide to follow Jesus and receive His abundant grace? SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley lays out some clear cut factors that help in making that life-altering determination.

When There Are No Answers

The tragedies happening around us everyday can cause us to question God's purposes. SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley provides poignant answers to some very difficult and puzzling questions about God and why He allows events like these to unfold.

Carried Through The Pain

Carrying someone requires strength, compassion, and a sense of good timing. God carries you into forgiveness after your rebellion. He carries you in trials as your own strength is depleted. He carries you into new victories and through times of transition.