healthy approach to work

The Healthy Approach to Work

Do you feel your work can make a difference? SCH Contributor and Pastor Jesse Bradley teaches how to find God's lessons on the healthy approach to work.
shared victories

Shared Victories

When was the last time you celebrated someone else's victory? SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us of the value of shared victories and that victory is from the Lord.
Woman in field with arms stretched open - praising god with your whole heart

Praising God With Your Whole Heart

What keeps you from praising God with your whole heart? Are you self-centered, sinful or prideful? Pastor Jesse Bradley shares beautiful insight from Psalm 9 & encourages us to stay bold and on fire for Jesus.
God's Standard

God’s Standard

SCH Contributor Pastor Jesse Bradley asks through the teachings of Psalm 12, how often do we find an honest man or woman? He advises that the best way to experience God is through honest words and a pure heart.
woman carrying purple basket of flowers - honoring god through your speech

Honoring God Through Our Speech

When you speak, are your words truly honoring God? Pastor Jesse Bradley teaches us how honoring God through our speech only comes when we speak truth - not lies, or flowery words.
Portrait of a beautiful young woman in yellow dress with spring flowers and white

Handling Negativity

You tend to become very similar to the people with whom you spend the most time. Pastor Jesse Bradley gives us advice on handling negativity and choosing your friends wisely.