Cheerful Family Bonding by the Beach - family bucket list

Why You Need A Family Bucket List

Planning adventures and goals with our children is a great way to grow closer to them. Today, SCH Editor, Lindsey Andrews shares why we all need a family bucket list and how it can strengthen our families.
brilliant orange sunrise with mountains and fields - how are we to be loving God

How Are We To Be Loving God?

We know that God loves us and works all things for our good, but how are we to be loving God? Let Pastor Michael Hayward's words feed your soul today.
ocean water on rocky beach with blue skies - travel to balboa island

Why You Should Travel To Balboa Island

Looking for your next destination location? SCH photographer & contributor Emily Semans has found it for you in Southern California and why you should travel to Balboa Island.
baby koala hugging its mom - raising caring kids

3 Tips To Raising Caring Kids

Too often the world teaches children to be self-centered. SCH Editor, Lindsey Andrews offers some great suggestions on raising caring kids, and how to motivate them to think of others first.