Father with Beautiful Teenage Daughter Happy Affection Outdoors Background SCH - praying for your teen

Praying For Your Teen

Praying for your teen is vital to growing their faith. Today SCH Contributor, Lindsey Andrews offers three ways to lift up your children before the Lord.
veggies in a blue colander with child's green gardening shoes - easy veggies to grow

10 Easy Veggies To Grow

Love fresh vegetables but worried about the work it takes to plant them? Photographer Donna Jones has 10 easy veggies to grow in your garden.
polaroid pictures on a string with ocean in the background - 4 must take family vacations

4 Must Take Family Vacations

Wondering what trips to take before the kids leave your house? SCH Editor Lindsey Andrews has 4 must take family vacations you must take, no matter how old your children or your budget.
woman wearing boho style clothes touching grass, hand with lot of braceletes, summer day in the field, retro colors - God is everywhere

Why God Is Everywhere, All The Time

Do you marvel at the omniscient power of God? Today, Pastor Michael Hayward approaches the magnificent makeup of God and His desire to be with us.