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Last edited on: July 14, 2016.

One of the most glorious things we can do as a family is travel together. Some of my favorite memories as a kid are loading in the car and driving to the ocean. Many times families wonder what kinds of vacations they should take as a family. Here’s 4 must take family vacations, no matter the size or the age of your family.

A long road trip.

I know, I know. I can hear you groaning from here, but how many memories do you have of the ultimate family road trip? There are some fantastic website that will document your route and add all the “must sees” along your path. Whether it is across your state or across the country, everyone needs to wedge their family in the back of a car and trek somewhere.

The Beach.

My father was lucky enough to have a job where travel took him close to Houston. One of the redeeming qualities of Houston, Texas is its proximity to the beach. Dad would work all day and Mom would play with us on the ocean. Nothing beats the memories of the combination of a long road trip coupled with the elation of hitting the ocean.

Days getting sunburned and being covered in sand are some of the greatest times of my life.

Where No One In the Family Has Been Before. 

Nothing beats having new adventures with those you love. Whether it is a new secret fishing hole or a trip to Disney World, go somewhere no one else in your family has been before. Not only will your kids get to see you out of your parental element, you may discover new hobbies or locations that you never knew before.


Whether it is for a night in the backyard or in the mountains of some big National Park, camping is nostalgic and memory making. I am not a good camper but both of my kids love it. Every couple of months we grab the tent and sleep out in the back yard, just to switch up the daily routine of family life.

Camping also means smores and who doesn’t love chocolate and marshmallow wedged between two graham crackers? Getting ready for your first family camping trip? Here’s a list of five things you need before you go.

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