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Last edited on: June 23, 2016.


Lots of people talk about the things they want to do or the places they want to visit in their lives. Most often, this is referred to as a bucket list. While writing out your goals and adventures is important, do you need a family bucket list, specific to what you want to accomplish together as a group?

I think we do. There are only so many years we have as parents to speak every day into the lives of our kids. What better way to connect with our children than to sit around and dream up adventures with them!

This happens several different ways at our house. We keep a family dream journal, where each member of the family is allowed to list out places they want to visit, places they want to hike, different foods to try or a new skill with which to experiment. It stays on the coffee table in the family room and every so often, we flip through the book and daydream.

My husband and I promised each other years ago that if we were both going to work outside the home, we would take a vacation every year. Beginning in January, we have a family meeting to review potential places to travel for the following year. Our two children are fully inside the tween years and where they want to go and what they want to do is more specific.  For some reason, this year, both of our kids wanted to try camping.

Since I’m not the overly outdoorsy type, this took some convincing.  But in the next few weeks, we are loading up the tent and heading out on our first big, overnight tent adventure. The kids are thrilled and I’m scanning Pinterest for all things camping and we’re all really excited to cross off an adventure on our family bucket list


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