Father with Beautiful Teenage Daughter Happy Affection Outdoors Background SCH - praying for your teen

Praying For Your Teen

Praying for your teen is vital to growing their faith. Today SCH Contributor, Lindsey Andrews offers three ways to lift up your children before the Lord.
polaroid pictures on a string with ocean in the background - 4 must take family vacations

4 Must Take Family Vacations

Wondering what trips to take before the kids leave your house? SCH Editor Lindsey Andrews has 4 must take family vacations you must take, no matter how old your children or your budget.
Cheerful Family Bonding by the Beach - family bucket list

Why You Need A Family Bucket List

Planning adventures and goals with our children is a great way to grow closer to them. Today, SCH Editor, Lindsey Andrews shares why we all need a family bucket list and how it can strengthen our families.