fear of death

Fear of Death Behind Most Other Major Fears

The fear of death is powerful. The question before any of us who are afraid is this: What will you do about it? Will you let it stop your dreams? Author Ann White talks more about this in her new book 'Courage of Life.'
woman reading on beach. finding purpose can reduce stress

How Finding Purpose Can Reduce Stress

Stress happens because we’re out of sync with what we’re doing for a living. Author, Speaker & Producer Phil Cooke explains how finding purpose can reduce stress.
people celebrating together with confetti - how to lead a team of people

How To Lead A Team Of People

Is there a perfect method to managing a group in your workplace? SCH Contributor Phil Cooke details how to lead a team of people.
Pretty Woman in Art Gallery Pensive - getting rid of excuses

Getting Rid Of Excuses

Holding back on living out your dreams? Author & Producer Phil Cooke has insight into getting rid of excuses and living your best life now.
woman in coffee shop with tablet - start off your work week

How To Start Off Your Work Week

The weekend is over and before you start off your work week, Phil Cooke has wisdom before you leave the house. How to enter the office with wisdom & grace.