How to Coach your Kids through Homeschool

Rarely does one method of instruction work on every single child in a family. In her book How To Lead Like Jesus, Best Selling Author & Mom Tricia Goyer teaches parents how to coach your kids through homeschool.
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Be Thankful at Meals

In a country where food is plentiful, we have a tendency to not be thankful at meals. Best Selling Author & Mom Tricia Goyer encourages families to think of the meal as a gift from the Father.

You don’t have to be another teen pregnancy statistic

Mother and author Tricia Goyer went through the struggles of having her first baby at age seventeen. A group of older women came alongside her and saw her child as a gift. Tricia reveals why you don't have to be another teen pregnancy statistic.
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Being Available to God

Are you available to God? Do you move when He says to move? When you listen to His direction, amazing things can happen.
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Dear Weary Mom, Do You Feel Lost?

Parenting can leave mothers feeling tired and lost. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer encourages moms to take time to turn off auto-pilot and look to God. He will help guide your course.

Have You Fallen in Love with God?

We can have knowledge of God, but our true relationship with God begins when we understand who we are without Him. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares her powerful story and show us what a personal relationship with God is really all about.