Love Manifest Blog – A New Standard by Valerie Kumra

Everyone will have a moment when they are alone in a room asking themselves "What am I doing with my life?" When Love Manifest Co-Founder, Valeria Kumra had this moment, she realized, nothing will ever compare to walking in the will of God and she began her personal path to healing.

Love Manifest Blog – A Father’s Heart

SCH Contributor Valeria Kumra reflects on Isaiah 35. Maybe what Jesus is talking about when he says “as you did to the least of these, you did it to me" is the heart of a parent for a beloved child.

Love Manifest Blog – The Cool Factor

SCH Contributor Valeria Kumra, a founder of the Christian charity in India, Love Manifest, is watches as two high schoolers visit her missionary in India and are able to jump in with both feet with full hearts and open minds.
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Love Manifest Blog – Playground Gospel

In an inspiring Christian moment, a mother recognizes the love of Jesus in an unexpected place: a playground, proving that His love is everywhere, and within everyone, no matter how young.

Love Manifest Blog – Year in Review

Love Manifest, an India-based non-denominational Christian organization, invites all backgrounds, races and religions to experience the manifest Love of Christ without prejudice. Here they reflect on their impressive list charitable contributions from 2013, including their successful orphanage and medical camps for those in need.

Love Manifest – The Power of Touch

For someone who has been told their entire life they are “untouchable”, and their very presence contaminates those around them…in one touch we dispel this lie.