The “I Forgot” Chores Strategies

I have adopted strategies that work in bursts of productivity, or self-rewarding systems, self-regulating systems, or simply lessening the stuff that has to be cleaned.

A Lifetime of Refried Beans & Molasses

“Here’s your breakfast!” says mom, as she cheerfully places in front of her awakening children a plate covered with smooth refried beans and a little dollop of molasses. The children went suddenly silent. This ...

The Joy of Mono-tasking

Be a force against the craziness. Go forth in search of the monotasking moment, of a thought taken all the way to completion, of a task that proceeds to its own natural God ordained end!
wedding children running with balloons

The Myth of Equal Time

Why would God put such a time consuming, labor absorbing, emotionally intense child in the same family as my other compliant, quiet and reserved children?
Coffee Mom Waking Up

Your First Face

I want them to anticipate coming into my presence. I want to them to know they’ll be wrapped up in warm words of greetings.