Freedom is a Verb

Ever heard that power corrupts? SCH Contributor, Ginny Dent Grant, reminds us that in the USA we are opportune, because we are not ruled by the desires of one individual.

NRB President Responds to IRS Targeting Reports

In light of the IRS's admission to "inappropriate" scrutiny of conservative groups, NRB President Dr. Frank Wright has encouraged House Speaker John Boehner to stand up for churches and non-profit religious organizations.

3 Parenting Tips for Busy Working Moms

Are you good at showing your kids how much they mean to you? SCH Contributor & Life Coach Carolyn Dunn teaches us three things we can do as moms to show unconditional love.

My Time With Grandma Bible Storybook

My Time with Grandma Bible Storybook is a wonderful way to share your faith and help your grandchildren understand challenging concepts such as salvation, God’s plan for our lives, and what it means to be forgiven.