LoveManifest Exists to Love

Anyone who has ever been in the same room as Valerie Kumra and Mimi Majerus knows exactly what I mean when I say, "His light is tangibile while in their presence." These women are "all out'" for Christ. They live in completely unhindered reckless abandon for Him.

Lincoln Brewster ~ After the Stage

Gifted Photographer and SCH Contributor, Caitlin Clary catches up with Lincoln Brewster in Santa Rosa for the Joy To The World Christmas Tour. The sole purpose of this project is to raise money for Covenant Kids Congo ministry powered by World Vision.

God Brought Hollywood to Me!

God’s miraculous direction in my life is displayed in the irony of how he took a big city girl with broken dreams from being an unemployed legal secretary in Music City USA, to a filmmaker in “Small Town, USA.”