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At the age of five, Ruth Barrett showed a natural talent for drawing and painting. She grew up taking art lessons, and by the age of twelve she could realistically render virtually anything from still life to portraiture to landscape. Ruth continued to take private lessons once a week through her senior year in high school. However, her Father urged her to pursue a degree in accounting in college; so, she did, graduating cum laude. Her Mother wanted a lawyer in the family; so, Ruth attended law school, too, and later accepted a law clerk position with the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C.—where she found herself surrounded by art museums! She entered the Corcoran School of Art in Washington and, only six months into her law career, she left law to become an artist.

Ruth describes the current emphasis of her work as “Divinely Inspired.” In her words, “About ten years ago, as my spiritual life grew, I started to hear God telling me to paint certain imagery. I would paint some but not all, thinking to myself that I couldn’t paint a lot of this ‘Religious Imagery.’ As I continued to pray and integrate my spiritual life and work life, it became clear that my talent was a gift from God. When I painted what He was leading me to paint, the paintings were not entirely from me but of God and full of His power. Over a period of time, I felt God telling me repeatedly that in order to reach my full potential as an artist; I needed to fully yield my painting to Him. Today I strive and struggle to do just that. Each time before I paint, I pray that God would use me as His instrument to paint what He desires me to paint. When I stand before God I certainly want to hear that my God-given talents were used for His glory.”

Designer Cindy Barganier who owns one of Barrett’s paintings and has used others in her design work says, “Ruth’s art is awe-inspiring and never fails to be a conversation starter.”

Humble at Birth - 36 x 48 mixed media

Humbled in Thy Presence


Guarding Against Temptation

Holding Back the Curtain of Darkness

House-of-Humility-52-X-28-mixed media

Laying Down Blocks of Burden

Overflowing Strength

Peace of Surrender - 24 x 18 oil on wood

Peaceful Sojourner - 48 x 48 oil on canvas

Ruth Barrett in her Studio


To learn more about the artist visit Ruth Barrett.

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