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Last edited on: September 24, 2016.

TASTE OF SONOMA, an Extravaganza for the Senses!

For anyone who has ever enjoyed strolling around a farmers market and taking in the fresh scents and sights, Sonoma Wine Country Weekend’s TASTE OF SONOMA is for you!  Imagine stepping into a lush country setting where vineyards and redwood-lined hills surround you. Yes, there is such a place, and it’s called MacMurray Ranch Winery (located in Sonoma County’s Russian River Wine Appellation). Just like a farmers market, MacMurray Ranch Winery is a treat to your senses, but the “farmers” here are grape-growers, winemakers and chefs, and they are all happy to see you.

Think you’ve died and gone to Heaven? You may think you have when they pour your glass of Gloria Ferrer’s ,Va de Via, and offer you a luscious raw oyster, freshly pulled from the Pacific Ocean and shucked just for you. If oysters aren’t your thing, you can simply walk a few feet and enjoy a slice of freshly baked, slightly crispy flatbread bread topped with local gruyere cheese and a caramelized apple and onion mixture that’s being prepared right before your eyes. All served to you by one of the named chefs at the event. Now you’re taste buds are melting and the day has only started!

Come along with me as we walk to each table, where we are welcomed by a friendly host who serves us delectable treats. The tables are clustered according to their appellation and shaded under grand tents. (An appellation is like a growing region. Each has its own unique micro-climate, soil and growing conditions, and thus, producing varietals uniquely characteristic of that appellation.)

Inside each of these grand tents (that feel more like a local village), you’ll find notable proprietors and personalities that reside in that appellation. The restaurant owners and chefs work as a team using locally grown and/or produced food to delight each attendee with a small taste that has been paired perfectly with a wine from their appellation. TASTE OF SONOMA is not only a feast for your taste buds, but also for the eyes.

Add to the day’s offerings cooking demonstrations, fun chef competitions, wine blending seminars, beer tasting, honey tasting, and fresh vegetables and fruits on display and given away to passersby.

TASTE OF SONOMA is a festive and fun day, filled with sophistication and a down to earth sense of goodness. As you walk the gorgeous grounds, people are gathered in both large and small groups, some sitting on a blanket on the lawn, some gathered at small tables clustered together for a break from the action. Everyone has a few things in common; a wine glass, (given to them upon entering the event) a broad smile, and the pride that comes from knowing that proceeds of this extravagant event go to help local charities.

We are a village of people on this day, some from the area and some that traveled from a distance, all here to celebrate life’s goodness and abundant blessings. In Sonoma County we’re rich with both.

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