macmurray ranch a taste of heaven

Taste of Heaven

TASTE OF SONOMA is not only a feast for your taste buds, but also for the eyes.

Wings Over Wine Country

Packing up the family and heading up to the Wings Over Wine Country air show proved to be the right choice on that eventually-blue-skied day. We arrived early enough that parking was not an issue and made th...
closeup of red cherries with stems - visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County

Visiting Imwalle Gardens In Sonoma County

If you need a road trip in Southern California, here it is. Join SCH Contributor and Photographer, Donna Jones for her trip visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County.

Sustaining the Organic Life

We hear a lot about the importance of eating organic, and in Sonoma County, with access to so many raw, natural vegetables, perhaps we take great them for granted.

The Birds in Bodega

Remembering one of her favorite childhood movies, SCH Contributor Jenny Klouse tours the Bodega settings for "The Birds."