beautiful words of Francis Chan, light through forest trees and path

Beautiful Words of Francis Chan

The beautiful words of Francis Chan have inspired many for years. Popular author of bestseller 'Crazy Love' shares about the power of our words.

Hillsong UNITED – Relentless Acoustic Lyrics

Hillsong comes to us with a beautiful song that reminds us how Jesus is always protecting his people! "You carry us when the world gives way. You cover us with your endless grace." His love is relentless!
Epic adventure Samson sight & sound theatres samson and delilah

Sight and Sound Theatres ‘Samson’ – Transformational Theater

The biblical epic of Samson is unfolding on the grand stage, where breath-taking sets and performances tell a story of strength, failure, and hope. Go behind the scenes of this life-changing new show, and see how Sight & Sound Theatres is bringing inspirational Bible stories to audiences across the nation.