a homeschooling mother teaching her two sons - Be open to the path God has planned

Be Open to the Path God has Planned for You

Writer and Mother Jeney Pribyl has learned to be open to the path God has planned, for her own life and her family's. God has changed her perspective and led her to homeschool her children.

5 Rules to Keep Kids Engaged and Moms Sane

SCH Contributor Kimberly Kulp shares insight on how to keep kids entertained through the times you struggle to keep little movers and shakers occupied, especially during the holidays, long days indoors, or while you’re on the go outside of the house.

How to Avoid the Worst Kind of Socialization

While academic and teacher qualification objections to homeschooling are pretty much a thing of the past, the age-old question of “What about socialization?” continues to increase.
Easter Craft Projects Paper Butterflies

Easter Craft Project – Paper Butterflies

As Easter is approaching, what better way to celebrate than to create a Easter Craft Project featuring nature’s most acute symbol of re-birth and resurrection: a Butterfly!!
Schoolboys posing in front of a chalkboard

The Spelling Police Have Arrived

If 2000 years from now, archaeologists examined our writing in this century, it would seem the 21st century human developed a bizarre method of speaking.