Homeschool Controversy in Sweden

One of the leaders of Sweden’s liberal party, has called for a change in the country’s social services law to encourage social workers to take children away from homeschooling families.
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Train Up A Child In The Way They Should Go

Your children are being taught, but are they being taught well? One of the biggest objections I hear from parents regarding homeschooling their kids is, they just don’t think they can do it. They don’t have th...
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Urgent Help Needed

Parents—not the federal government and certainly not the president—are the ones who should decide how children are educated and when they’re ready to graduate from high school. Dear HSLDA Members and Fri...

Vacations While Homeschooling

As a homeschool mom, do you wonder if you should bring work with you on vacation? SCH Contributor Kimberly Kulp shares 5 great tips on why it is important to challenge your kids to think critically during vacations.

Homeschooling Mom, Do You Need Outside Help?

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to be everything for your kids? SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares her personal experience as a homeschooling mom when she realized she needed outside help.