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History of Church Seating

"I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in Leviticus a warning about the ungodliness of a relaxed posterior and the slippery slope of comfortable worship." Once again, SCH contributor Carol Barnier delights us with her wit and humor pertaining to the history of church seating.

Salvation In A Running Shoe

Have you ever met folks who seem to have the same answer for every single problem that might come your way? No matter what you’ve got going on, this one thing, they are certain, could turn your life around.
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Out Of My Mind – Back By Closing Hymn

"I've heard there are people who can focus intently on a 90-minute lecture regarding the historical derivatives of the word hermeneutics while never losing their train of thought. They actually have a train. I have more of a hot air balloon." ~Carol Barnier
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The Tell

Sometimes you see something about an individual and it just speaks volumes to you about this person. But ya gotta be careful. You can be really wrong about assumptions. However, sometimes you just know you’re spot on.