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An Invitation from Jesus

Do you carry a heavy burden? Check out what SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman says about looking beyond our capabilities to an invitation from Jesus.
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Shared Victories- Time In The Psalms

When was the last time you shouted because someone else experienced shared victories? SCH contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley, shows us through Psalm 20 that a Christian life should be marked by repeatedly celebrating and sharing in the joy of other people’s success!
seeking smart shelter. mother and daughter camping on a sunny day

Seeking Smart Shelter

SCH Contributor Pastor Michael Hayward shares the importance of running to Jesus seeking smart shelter when the world gets to be too much and you feel like you’re drowning, spinning out of control, or feel just plain lost and distant.

Can Prayer Be A Distraction?

Can prayer be a distraction? Do you see God's gifts in prayer? SCH Contributor Amy Litzelman reminds us to soak in the details that declare His Glory.
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What Has God Done for You Lately? by Michael K. Reynolds

Have you ever realized that many of our complaints today are about things we once fervently prayed for in the past? What has God done for you lately? Our answered prayers have become today’s whine. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds encourages you to be grateful for what you have, rather than resentful of you do not.