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Celebrating Food, Faith and Family
Last edited on: August 24, 2017.

“How precious is Your steadfast love, O God!
The children of men take refuge
and put their trust under
the shadow of Your wings.

They relish and feast on the
abundance of Your house;
and You cause them to drink
of the stream of Your pleasures.”
Psalm 36:7-8 AMP


People are funny.

We make every excuse for not slowing down and taking a break. Then we can’t seem to get going again after we stop. Yep. I’m guilty of both. How about you?

So two weeks ago, as I prepared for another day at my desk, the Spirit whispered, “Go fill your flower pots.”

I stopped. “Really?”

“Go fill your flower pots,” He said again. And off I ran!

I’d been lamenting my long to-do list for days, wondering if I’d ever get to the yard. Springhad finally sprung in the mountains of Wyoming and I couldn’t wait to feel the warm sunshine on my face, only I couldn’t seem to stop the pull of my office.

But You knew, Father. You knew the perfect time and solution for my soul to be refreshed.

I felt like a kid playing hooky as I circled the greenhouse, filling my red wagon with flowers and herbs, circling again to enjoy the fragrance and colors. A bit of red. A little yellow and orange. White and purple for highlights. And a few tomatoes and peppers for the garden.

And so the day went. Planting flowers led to washing windows, which led to putting in screens, a fresh coat of paint on the wicker, pulling weeds on the patio, and mowing grass. Before long the sun was waning over Munger Mountain and my cheeks reflected a day outside.

I smiled. “You knew what needed to be done! You knew the perfect time to pull back and soak in the beauty of a new season. You knew. Thank You!”

The last two weeks have found me catching up on chores around the house, caring for puppies and chickens, enjoying a cup of tea with friends, and hiking the green hillsides and valleys near our home. I’ve sat a little longer when reading and meditating. I’ve gotten up a little earlier to listen to the songbirds and go for walks. And I’ve soaked in the morning dew of Your presence.

Now, it’s time to dive back in.

I’ve been trying for days to write a blog, but they didn’t seem to flow. I couldn’t quite wrap any up enough to publish. So today, I’m just jumping in. I’m not sure how to do it except… one, two, three….here I go.

If you’re having a hard time getting started on a project or goal, jump in with me. Jesus is able to do exceedingly more than you can think or imagine by His power at work within you. He has all the courage and inspiration and talent and creativity you need. Just take His hand and dive in! That’s what I’m doing!



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Amy Layne Litzelman is passionate about knowing God more intimately in each moment and helping others do the same. Amy released her first book, This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship, in 2011. She has also composed over seventy songs, recorded four CDs, and traveled to teach and lead worship across the United States and in the Philippines and China. She and her husband, Matt, live in Jackson Hole, WY and have two adult sons.

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