living out faith. hands reaching towards light in nature

Living Out Faith: What We Already Know

"Sometimes, to overcome a hurdle before us, we don't need to search for new truth or understanding of God so much as we need to live out what we already know." Amy Layne Litzelman encourages us to hold fast and commit to living out faith.

The Divine Grace and Mercy of Christ

"The perfect One, the One who created all things, knew when He created man that we would turn against Him." SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman shares a gentle reminder of God's grace, glory and ultimate power.
A group prayer with linked hands over bibles - the power of God through prayer

Praying for Our Nation

"Father, bring truth. Bring justice. Reveal all hidden things. Let Your Kingdom come." SCH Contributor, Amy Layne Litzelman offers hope and challenges us to pray for a nation in need of real change.

That You May Know

"If we could easily see and understand all of who our God is, we would just as easily dismiss Him." SCH Contributor, Amy Layne Litzelman explains that through a spiritual yearning, you may know His glory and experience eternal satisfaction.

A Witness to God’s Power

Join SCH Contributor, Amy Layne Litzelman, in a prayer to build your confidence in God’s almighty power and sovereign wisdom.

The Voice of God Heals Weary Hearts

Are you feeling tired and worn down? SCH Contributor, Amy Layne Litzelman, reminds us of the healing power and strength God gives when we are weak.