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Last edited on: July 8, 2017.

“. . . let us hold true to what we have already attained
and walk and order our lives by that.”

Philippians 3:16 AMP


Yesterday I woke with a heaviness that just wouldn’t budge. My body tried to resurrect pain from past years and my mind overflowed with an endless list of chores. I was tempted to pull the covers up and fall back asleep but knew that if I didn’t take a stand right away, this wave would drag me under.

With the sun slipping over the hills and a cool breeze whispering through the window, I wrote out declaration after declaration in my journal. Verses that would be familiar to young Sunday school children, yet never diminish in power. With each stroke of the pen, my spirit revived and my focus was renewed.

As I stood on tested, solid ground I felt my legs gain strength, and I understood what the Holy Spirit had been hinting at for weeks:

Sometimes, to overcome a hurdle before us, we don’t need to search for new truth or understanding of God so much as we need to live out what we already know.

I love receiving new revelation of God. Love it. I love searching out the mysteries of His Kingdom. I long to know this One I serve more intimately with each breath – and I believe He longs for it as well. But lately the Spirit has been reminding me of truths that have long sustained me. Truths that are like treasured friends.

How many of you know that over time we can become complacent about our relationships with treasured friends? Sometimes we take them for granted, losing sight of their value. In the same way, we often become complacent about biblical truths that we feel are obvious or “immature.”

For the last few weeks, the Holy Spirit has been pressing me into Philippians 3:16.

Hold fast to what you have already attained, Amy.
Don’t forget the things I’ve taught you.

Every time I’d turn around I’d see a note I’d scribbled on a scrap of paper on my desk: Live according to what you already know.

Imagine it. Imagine if we all walked according to what we have already been taught. The American church currently has more books, music, and teaching available to it than at any other time in history. The Holy Spirit is moving and speaking constantly. We are saturated with truth.

But do we look like what we have learned?

If the Body of Christ lived in the fullness of what we know to this point, we would be an unstoppable force against darkness and a credit to the God who created us.

It’s not that you stop pursuing God or deeper understanding. Not at all. In the two verses before (Philippians 3:14-15), Paul encouraged the believers at Philippi to press on to the goal to which God was calling them – to press on to the heavenly prize in Christ Jesus. Paul’s own life displayed a determined purpose to progressively know Christ more intimately each day.

But in your pursuit of new discoveries, may you truly walk in the love and grace of Christ. May you obey His commands with humility and joy. May you believe and display the majesty of His wisdom. May you hold fast to and walk in the truth you have attained thus far.

The world around us needs it and Christ deserves it.



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