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Last edited on: April 21, 2016.

The foundation of A Christian Love Story between Allyssa & Josh can be found in Psalm 127:1

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers build in vain.”

According to Josh, “When I look at our relationship, I see that God brought us together and has been building it. I reflect on our individual intentions to take it slow, yet God has moved us more swiftly toward our engagement. Psalm 127:1 is something that I have been able to rest in as I look forward to the exciting and scary road of marriage. God is the one that started this relationship and knows what is best for us. He is the ultimate Builder.”

God began to build Josh and Allyssa’s relationship from a mutual passion for ministering to youth. Both volunteer in a group that serves youth groups all over the Twin Cities through worship, teaching, and games. As the two focused on their ministry, they couldn’t help but notice each other as well. Allyssa reminisced, “I noticed a few things about Josh in the first few Youth Crew outings that we had together.  The main thing that drew me to him, though, was the way he interacted with the youth and the crew with such love and compassion. I also really enjoyed watching him lead teens into worship.”

After a few group interactions, Josh began to pray about dating Allyssa. When he couldn’t get her out of his mind, Josh texted her and the two began talking more regularly. Eventually, Josh confronted Allyssa, apologized for “being a passive man,” and asked her on a date.  The rest is history. Josh’s motivations in dating Allyssa were intentional and carefully orchestrated.

According to Allyssa, “Josh is always looking out for my heart. He has told me multiple times that his desire is to keep my heart safe for the one who it is truly meant for. I love him for that. He had made a promise to himself not to tell me he loved me until he had a ring on my finger.”


As Josh explains, “From the beginning of the relationship I tried to make it clear that I was not in it to play games or just hold someone’s hand. I wanted Allyssa to know that I was in this for the long haul and committed to this relationship.” The two designated the next month to praying about getting engaged, while seeking the advice and support of parents, mentors, and friends.

The couple got the peace to move forward and Josh began shopping for a ring. As a poor college student with no credit, Josh found himself unable to afford an engagement ring. He experienced God’s provision when a friend loaned him his store credit and deducted $500 off the price. This allowed Josh to purchase Allyssa’s engagement ring and the wedding bands at a price he could afford!

With the ring purchased and permission from Allyssa’s parents, there was only one thing left to do – propose. Josh visited Allyssa’s family over Christmas break. Early one morning, the two exchanged Christmas presents. Allyssa insisted on going first. Once Josh unwrapped his ukulele, he handed Allyssa two large presents. Part of the second present was a journal.

According to Allyssa, “Josh instructed me to read the note inside the journal before moving on to the next part. I opened it, started reading, and two lines into it, I freaked out. He was going to propose! Right here and now! I was almost crying and wanted to look up, but instead finished reading what was written. Josh had written a letter in the perspective of God the Father to us, His children. His message told us that He has great plans for us as a couple and that He would be our faithful guide as we entered into engagement, marriage, and our lives together. Needless to say I was shaking and crying. I looked up after I read the last line to find Josh on his knee and pulling a ring out of his pocket! All I could think was, ‘this can’t be real!’ He then, for the first time in our relationship, told me that he loved me and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes!” Allyssa beamed.

The Lord’s foundation in this young couple’s relationship is evident in the joy that spills over from it. In their engagement photography session, the two were constantly making each other laugh and their smiles never faded. “Allyssa is a very funny girl and she causes me to laugh a lot…so how can I not be joyful?” Josh shared.

“Jesus is the reason behind our contagious joy,” Allyssa added. “We haven’t always been like this. We both experienced some pretty dark times, as a result of bad relationships and hard times with friends and family. But the Bible promises, ‘Weeping may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning’ (Psalm 30:5).”

Allyssa and Josh eagerly anticipate doing life with each other and growing in love – confident that the foundation provided by the Lord will support them through whatever rough times might be ahead. Allyssa explained, “Working through things with each other will cause growth that will enable us to become more like Christ, and we can’t wait to start!”

Both excitedly count down the days until they become one in Christ this July!


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