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Embracing The Season

Even those of us who anticipate change have a tendency to hold on to the past to some degree. Collecting treasures as we travel through life is healthy. It’s when we get out of step with the seasons that we get in trouble.
Excellent Artist Josh Moates

Seek Me Early

I like to arise at 5:30 a.m. to walk along the lake. It’s how I spend time with Him. I revel in the stunning dawn-transformation that helps me ponder subjects my usually congested mind lacks room to entertain.
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Drop Everything and Refocus

Sometimes life gets hectic and crazy, and finding balance between deadlines and making eye contact with those we love can be a struggle. SCH contributor Heather Riggleman invites us to drop everything and refocus.

Finding A True Blue Friend

Friendships add flavor to our otherwise mundane and sometimes rough day, plus it gives us a chance to use up those extra 13,000 words we as women NEED to speak.

The Pain of Aurora and the Hope of Christ

Tragedy shouldn’t make sense, particularly to the Christian mind. The heart’s desire as a follower of Jesus is to die to self in service to God and others. Seek God and bring Him all your doubts, fears, and questions and do not give the devil a foothold.
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Modern-Day Babylon

We live in a modern-day Babylon. In this culture, we fight against the tide thinking we have a handle on it. The perfume of our culture seduces us, leaving us to fall prey to disease.