What to Do When Your Kid Messes Up

When you child messes up do begin ranting? Or do you look at your child's infraction as a way to teach them how to recover from their mistakes? SCH contributor Rhonda Stoppe offers insights in helping kids recover from their mistakes.

Back to School Drama for this Momma

Do you worry when your children are away from you? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe shows mothers that the most powerful tool of protection we have for our children is prayer.

Overcome the Invisible Struggle Every Mom Faces

We all face battle within our minds against the desires of our flesh. An angry mother is the source of much pain for her children. SCH Contributor Sue Detweiler teaches moms 4 steps to win the battle with the help of Christ.

Successful (Not Stressful) Family Living

Without a plan you are setting yourself up for failure- especially in this busy fall season. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer teaches how teamwork and having a weekly family schedule are vital for a smooth and fun-filled school year.