4 Tips To Successful Co-parenting

SCH Contributor Elizabeth Oates shares wisdom & insights on the difficult task of co-parenting after a divorce or separation. Don’t miss this important advice!

What God’s Man Can Do About Bullying

Bullying is a rising problem in today's society. Children are experiencing abuse in homes, schools and busses. Even college kids are faced with hazing and harassment by classmates. SCH Contributor Kenny Luck shares godly wisdom how to how to deal with this growing problem.
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When God Says Move

Do you move when God says move? SCH Contributor, Tricia Goyer explains that you have to want God in order for Him to use you. Being available to God sometimes means stepping away from status quo.

There Is Enough Time In The Day

As mothers we can become overwhelmed in a series of never-ending to-do lists. SCH contributor Sue Detweiler explains the math equation for God’s economy regarding time, space and peace.