Getting Better at Handling Anger …and Then Even Better

Feelings of frustration and anger can be triggered in an instant. Learning to control these emotions can take years. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer offers some cool ideas on how to control a hot temper. When it comes to anger, we can always do better. And even when we believe we have self control, we can control ourselves better, too. Anger will happen. Frustration will come. But how we handle ourselves is up to us.

Talking to Your Son About Purity

Prepare yourself to answer your son’s questions before he asks. Learn to have open communication with your son. The grace of God will help him repent.

Training the Heart of Your Child

How do you teach your child morals and values? SCH Contributor Rhonda Stoppe reminds parents to take the time to teach their children what the Bible says about the issues they struggles with.

The Child God Chose for Us

Do you ever find yourself doubting God’s plans? SCH Contributor, Tricia Goyer, shares her struggle of putting her faith to the test as she opened her heart to adoption.