Woman Working at Desk and Petting Golden Retriever Dog How to Get Your Dream Career

Leaders: Learn To Develop Your Team

The Bible is clear - everyone has intrinsic value and worth. As leaders, you need to learn to develop your team. SCH contributor, Phil Cooke, encourages leaders to embrace the differences in people and find out what inspires them!
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Why Influencing Real People Is More Important Than Getting Likes

In the mobile world around us, we are tempted to base our influence on the amount of followers we have on social media. But there are things more important than getting likes. SCH contributor, Phil Cooke, reminds us that influencing the people you meet every day is far more helpful to your life and career.
Christians in the spotlight. wooden row boats docked on a mountain lake

What Christians In The Spotlight Know That You May Not

SCH contributor, Phil Cooke, encourages readers to show grace to Christians in the spotlight in the secular world. Phil explains that showing grace isn’t about compromising our faith, it’s about extending our faith, so that through love, the world will marvel at our unity and be compelled to respond to our message.
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What Choices Will You Make Today?

What choices will you make to move your life forward? Phil Cooke helps us learn what we can do today to move our careers & our lives to the next level.

How To Turn Bad Ideas Into Good Ones

SCH Contributor Phil Cooke gives encouraging advice on turning mediocre ideas into great ones. By finding the inspiration behind each of your ideas, you can change your idea into a life-changing design.