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Hope For A Second Marriage: Lessons For The Marital Tweener

SCH contributor, Kenny Luck, reminds us that God can work through any situation, even divorce. There's hope for a second marriage and Kenny gives 6 encouraging steps to following God's path by rediscovering yourself, healing from the past and focusing on Christ.
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Could Your Marriage Use This Cool Glass of Water?

Could your marriage use this wisdom? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds reminds us that even "couples swimming in pools of marital bliss should be striving to strengthen the bond," even through actions as small as getting your spouse a glass of water, and putting their needs before your own.
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How To Fight Fair- Part 1

What happens when you & your spouse argue? Pastor Steve Carr teaches couples how to see conflict as an opportunity for growth within your relationship.

Love in a Busy World

When you’re juggling work, relationships, and faith, balance is always the goal, but there will be times when one area of your life has to take precedence for a time.