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Sur La Table Chef Salt NY Steak Blend

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Manufacturer: Chef Salt
Includes: 2½ oz.
Allergen Statement:


Professional chefs and backyard grillmasters alike know that the secret to a perfect steak is a great crust. This brawny spice rub is designed to maximize a steak’s crust and is ideal for charcoal or wood grilling. Tellicherry peppercorns and coriander seeds are hand-cracked into large chunks with heavy steel cleavers, which leaves the hulls coarse but pulverizes the interior into silky, intensely aromatic granules. Hand-chopped dried ancho chiles remain pleasantly chunky and moist, sel gris adds crunch, and raw sugar and finely ground Indian black salt bind everything together. Scatter this rub on steaks and chops and watch it work its magic?the salt draws juice from the meat’s surface, which then liquefies the sugar, forming a layer that caramelizes into a lacquered crust. Manufacturer: Chef Salt. Includes: 2½ oz.. Ingredients: Sel gris de I’lle de Noirmoutier, Kala Namak rock salt, ancho chiles, coriander seeds, thyme, tellicherry peppercorns, turbinado suger, onion, garlic. Allergen Statement: . Made in USA.
Manufacturer: Chef Salt
Includes: 2½ oz.
Allergen Statement:
Made in USA

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