Spiritual Truths For Working Moms

Mom enough? That’s what Time magazine controversially asked. But in the strive to measure up, don’t miss the truths all working moms need.

Three Things You Need To Know About Anxiety

Talking and praying about anxiety with people who care about you helps. Chances are, they’ve been there, but even if they haven’t, simply opening up to others makes it harder for anxiety to thrive.

Bringing Your Business Smarts Home With You

God is just as present and just as instrumental in developing those business smarts of yours as He has been in developing the rest of your life. It’s time to start using all the tools He’s given you to lead the very best life you can.

When The Loving Gets Tough

What do you do when the people in your life are being hard to love? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares how making that choice to love requires you to acknowledge your own failings and lean on God’s strength.

Listening For Real

When you speak with God, are you talking or listening? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison points out the value of being a good listener in conversations with God, your friends, and your family.

Prayer and Healing

Are you or a loved one hurting? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison reminds us of the healing properties of prayer.