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For God Alone

"If you find yourself being stripped of what you hold close, do not grasp it yet tighter. Release it to the Father, Who can take what we hold dear and truly keep it safe." Loving Inspiration from Author Amy Layne Litzelman.
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Never-ending Praise

Yes, most things in this world do not last. Yet, one thing will never decay, never depreciate, never wear out, or cease. The praises of our lips are precious treasures to our King, which keep giving unto him for all time.
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Embracing The Season

Even those of us who anticipate change have a tendency to hold on to the past to some degree. Collecting treasures as we travel through life is healthy. It’s when we get out of step with the seasons that we get in trouble.
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The True Nature of Humility

Only in humility will we see through the eyes of our Father and recognize His working in and through those around us. SCH contributor Amy Layne Litzelman, explores the profound impact of being humble.