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Last edited on: April 19, 2016.

“For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.
He only is my Rock and my Salvation,
my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be greatly moved.”

PSALM 62:1-2

How many are the days we look to the horizon for change. Maybe it’s a change in atmosphere or attitude. A change in circumstances or surroundings. Instead of the weight of longing, a joyful anticipation should be our stance. In our place of need, God is preparing us for an amazing opportunity: the chance to see our Creator pour Himself out in our lives. When we lay our needs before Him, God sees, hears, and cares. And in His perfect timing and wisdom He leads us, teaches us, changes us, and provides flawlessly.

We must wage war against a subtle trap along this road, however. We must battle against misguided expectancy and misplaced hope.

This subtle shift from hoping in God to hoping in another source is not necessarily pushing God completely out of the picture. We may still believe strongly that He loves us and is taking care of the details. But it can be the expectation that change in itself is our answer, or the idea that the gift God gave is the reason for our joy. Maybe the instrument God used to answer our need has now become our focus of hope. Each of these thoughts are equally dangerous and, in the end, will disappoint and leave one feeling very empty and longing yet more.

If you find yourself being stripped of what you hold close, do not grasp it yet tighter. Bow and release it to the Father, the only One Who can take what we hold dear and truly keep it safe. What would become an idol in our hands transforms into a beautiful treasure when placed in God’s hands.

Maybe you feel weary, waiting at a well of provision that seems to have dried up. Somewhere you shifted your hope away from the Living Water, Himself, and to the well He chose to use for a specific time and purpose. Repentance brings us back into alignment and fills us with joyful anticipation again. Not anticipation for a “thing” or answer, but the joy of friendship with God that is growing in the midst.

Our Father knows how serious this battle is and He will do what He must to bring us back to truth and fullness in Him. He knows that true security and joy are found in Him alone.

No matter what our circumstances – whether in need or in abundance – may our hearts remain thankful in all things, but hopeful in just One.


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