loving our limitations

Loving Our Limitations

What are you learning through your weaknesses? Jenny Klouse reminds us we should be loving our limitations. Jesus sees our potential and loves us despite our human barriers.
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Unrivaled Faith: Follow Jesus

Will you decide to follow Jesus and receive His abundant grace? SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley lays out some clear cut factors that help in making that life-altering determination.

Do We Really Have A Destiny?

What were you born to do? SCH Contributor Phil Cooke concludes that destiny does not solely come from a seminar or workshop; God's destiny is to be pursued.

How To Live Joyfully

The beauty in impossibility is we can only succeed through divine assistance. Through Him all things are possible, including loving our neighbor as we love ourselves, which is incredibly freeing.

GPS Discernment

Confidence in God grows when you know you are acting in alignment with His Word. Do not be surprised when God confirms a new direction and asks you to persevere. Rely on Him when you feel like giving up prematurely or taking a destructive shortcut. Jesus is the One we imitate and is the source of our strength.

Divine Detours

Has God been placing something on your heart? Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us to take the necessary steps to become aligned with God, to follow His promptings, and help those around us. How can you rescue someone?