greater than our frailty. Red border collie dog and horse together at sunset in summer

Greater Than Our Frailty

Don't live out your life in fear of what tomorrow holds. Instead use Amy Layne Litzelman's reminder that God is greater than our frailty & more active than we could ever imagine.

God’s Chosen Dwelling Place

Ever have those days when you're just hanging on, trying to keep it all together? Amy Layne Litzelman can relate and writes, "Our brokenness is the perfect backdrop for his exquisite beauty and love."
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Light Exposure

"Light shines to make all things visible. Sin - yes. But also the lie, the snare, the scheme that drew you into the sin." Light exposure reveals your enemy. "Light is not meant to shame you, but to free you."

Seeds of Life

Amy Layne Litzelman encourages us to spend time with people outside the church walls. After pulling weeds from hurting hearts comes the joy of planting the awesome, powerful seeds of God’s Word.
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The Treasure Within

From childhood all the way through our adult lives, we think those things that are just out of reach are going to really satisfy, SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman points out that we often lose sight of the fact that we carry within us a Treasure greater than all the "earth contains."

Humble Enough to Receive

Amy Layne Litzelman reminds us that comprehending God's grace is far beyond our human ability. We must humble ourselves before Him so we may stand under the waterfall of his amazing grace.