The Value of Endurance

Similar to athletic training, God can increase our capacity to endure trials in life. Our character is usually refined far more in discomfort than in comfort.

Moving Forward By Faith

Pastor Jesse Bradley brings a message of hope and teaches that spiritual maturity comes in your relationship with the Lord when you ride the waves of life's storms, knowing He'll grant you grace in the present, and again in the future.

Reject Broken Male Culture – Uprising Part III

Women need our men to lead and protect us spiritually in marriage, family and as a society. Pastor Kenny Luck says men need to be strong enough to go all the way to the cross with our Father. "This is our time: YOUR time, guys."

Amazing Young Adults

"The qualities you desire have to be encouraged, coached and reinforced with patience and grace. Just like toddlers, young adults need to know where the lines are, be assured they’re solid, and reminded on occasion of the ground rules. Sue Farren, author and mother of six offers godly wisdom on instilling etiquette.