Every Careless Word – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Christians should speak only words that uplift and bring grace to others. The more time we spend in idle chatter, the greater the likelihood that we will say things that are harmful. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you evaluate whether your words build up others or whether they destroy and hurt others.

Choices – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Each time you read your Bible, you must be prepared to obey what God tells you. Your life is the sum of the responses you have made toward God. Once He makes Himself known to you, what you do next is your decision.

Do Not Forbid Him – Experiencing God Daily Devotional

At times, it is easier to diminish others’ spiritual victories than to honestly confront our own failures. Are you able to genuinely rejoice in the spiritual victories of others? Are you encouraging those who serve the Lord in a different way than you do?