The Spirit Bears Witness- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

But the Father has given you His Spirit to serve as your Guide and Teacher. The Holy Spirit will lead you to the magnificent promises and resources that became available when God adopted you into His family. Take time to meditate on the wonderful promises of God that are available to you.

What Comes out of Your Mouth?- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

If your words bless and encourage others, they give evidence of a compassionate heart. A heart like the Father’s heart will produce only pure and loving words. Ask God to discipline your mouth so that every word you speak is used by Him to encourage others.

Tempted As We Are- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

Ours is not an unsympathetic God who is unconcerned with our struggle to live righteously, but we follow a God who knows how difficult it is to resist sin and withstand temptation. We can approach Christ with confidence, knowing that He understands our plight.