How Do You Respond to Injustice?

Is our increasingly wicked world weighing heavily on your heart? SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman compels us to weigh our actions and consider God's Word when we find ourselves responding to injustice.

New Year – New Blessings

How do you approach your New Year's resolutions? Michael K Reynolds proposes 3 radical new suggestions for inspiring growth and showers of blessings.

10 New Christmas Traditions

Does your Christmas spirit need a boost? SCH Contributor and Pastor Kenny Luck challenges us to rekindle our joy for the holidays with 10 wonderful new holiday traditions.

How to Say No

As Christians we sometimes feel the obligation to be "nice" all the time, and we view saying no as being mean. Our holidays often become overbooked because of this idea. SCH Contributor Phil Cooke dispels this notion, teaching us that sometimes saying no is the best for us and the other person.

The Black Friday Miracle

On Black Friday people line the streets and store aisles, hoping to buy the multiple items on their lists "while supplies last." SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the hard reality of a woman in Haiti who everyday prays she will have enough food for her family before "supplies run out."

How to Know For Sure You Belong

Our value lies much deeper than the thoughts and opinions of others. SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee declares freedom from the bonds of other people's perceptions and teaches us how to belong.