3 Ways for Moms to Live Out the Golden Rule

As a mom, you may never win a Nobel Prize for feeding your children waffles for breakfast, but SCH Contributor Sue Detweiler preaches that you can transform the next generation by following Jesus' example and living your life by the Golden Rule.

What It Means to Serve Like Jesus

Sometimes you might never know the name of the stranger who enters your life for the sole purpose of washing your feet. And if you’re the foot washer, they might never see your face. Jennifer Dukes Lee shares on the gift of serving.

John Elefante – This Time

Don't miss the newest music video by pro life advocate John Elefante. This compelling video tells the heroic story of how his daughter's birth mother courageously choose LIFE by placing her baby with the Elefante family!

When You Want to Throw in the Towel

SCH contributor, Jennifer Dukes Lee has seen the hurts of the world and proclaims "For every affliction, restriction, addiction or bit of friction in your life, there is one holy benediction: 'It is finished.'"

Naomi’s Village – Left Out in the Cold

Two lives, hours away from death, were rescued through God's grace. Founder of Naomi's Village Bob Mendonsa shares the beautiful story of two beautiful children who were barely saved.
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Beyond What We Now See

"May we not grow weary, but continue to look for His Kingdom rising up in the midst of our world as we believe and obey." SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman revels in the thought of Spring; a place where faith is bursting with hope in the unseen.