The Christmas Candle – Beautiful New Film For The Holidays

EchoLight Studios new release is being touted as the "Next Holiday Classic". A timeless movie for the entire family, this film represents the first theatrical release for former U. S. Senator and Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum as the new CEO of the film company.

A Courtroom Drama – About a Right to Stand Your Ground

An Award winning film, STAND YOUR GROUND keeps you on the edge of your seat when Jackie Carpenter's (Francine Locke) son, Jason is falsely accused of murder. As a result of this terrifying experience and questioning her faith, she became an author.

Enthuse Entertainment Presents Alone Yet Not Alone

A movie filled with action, drama and suspense, Alone Yet Not Alone tells the inspiring story of Barbara and Regina Leininger and their journey of faith and survival during the French & Indian war in 1755.