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8 Questions For Setting Work Boundaries

SCH Contributor Phil Cooke challenges us to raise the bar and asks 8 questions about setting work boundaries in order to grow our ministries and our relationships.
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How Do You Use Your Authority?

How do you use your authority over others? SCH Contributor Phil Cooke reminds us to look in the mirror and become more intentional about building others up.

Being Their Boss of the Year

Do you ever struggle with the employees in your workplace? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares insight on how you can learn to understand your coworkers' strengths and weaknesses and use that knowledge to improve everyone's efficiency.

SCH Interview with Guy Noland

How does a company founded in 1875 become a social media leader in 2013? SCH Contributor, Phil Cooke catches up with Salvation Army Vision Network Executive Producer, Guy Noland on the launch of the video driven web initiative.

Being Best Is Better Than Being First

Speed is good. But your first priority is to make sure whatever project, idea, or product you release is ready to go, and built to last. SCH Contributor, Phil Cooke emphasizes the standards of excellence.