The Black Friday Miracle

On Black Friday people line the streets and store aisles, hoping to buy the multiple items on their lists "while supplies last." SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the hard reality of a woman in Haiti who everyday prays she will have enough food for her family before "supplies run out."
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When God Says Move

Do you move when God says move? SCH Contributor, Tricia Goyer explains that you have to want God in order for Him to use you. Being available to God sometimes means stepping away from status quo.

Love Manifest – An Enlightening Trip

High School student, Anthony Del Secco reflects on his trip to work with the India-based Christian organization, Love Manifest, and reminds us to experience love to the fullest and never take for granted the gifts we have.

Naomi’s Village – Left Out in the Cold

Two lives, hours away from death, were rescued through God's grace. Founder of Naomi's Village Bob Mendonsa shares the beautiful story of two beautiful children who were barely saved.
How I Met God in Rome

How I Met God in Rome

A danger Christians face is getting caught up in their "work" for God and lose sight of their relationship with Him. SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares how God took her from her busyness brought her focus back to His face.

Why I’m Carrying Spices in My Purse All Year Long

Endings can sometimes be a difficult time of transition. SCH Contributor Jennifer Dukes Lee reminds us that when we walk with Jesus endings can become beautiful new beginnings. When we walk with Him, God always brings new life.